Italian Observers Hope Belarus Election Will Be Fair, Objective

MINSK. Sept 27 (Interfax) - Italian parliamentary observers that will monitor the Belarusian preliminary election as part of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly observer mission on Sunday hope that the election will be fair and objective.

"I was asked not to make any comments on preparations for the Belarusian parliamentary election. We hope that the election in Belarus will be fair and objective," head of the Italian parliamentary delegation Riccardo Migliori said at a meeting with Nikolai Cherginets, the head of the international affairs and national security commission in the Belarusian parliament in Minsk on Saturday.

Migliori thanked official Minsk in the name of Cherginets for warm welcome and good working conditions.

Cherginets told Migliori that Italian observers "can monitor what they want, when they want and where they want and go where they want." The MP also vowed that any assistance that may be needed will be provided to Italian observers.

Cherginets also hailed the position of Italy, which has never taken measures of political pressure on Belarus. "Italy has never made innuendos against Belarus, except when it voted in the same choir' with the EU," the MP said.

"Italian authorities adhere to a balanced line based on the need to uphold dialog and counterproductivity of restriction or isolations in relations with Belarus. Unlike other influential countries - the EU founders - Italy shows readiness to detailed consistent cooperation with the Belarusian government on main priority areas," Cherginets said.



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