Belarusian President Lukashenko Wins Majority

(RTTNews) - Belarusian election officials said President Alexander Lukashenko won an overwhelming majority of seats in Sunday's parliamentary election that saw the opposition failing to win any seat, media reports said.

Lukashenko allies are set to win all 110 seats with votes from all but a few districts counted, officials said. Two hundred sixty three candidates, including 70 opposition members, competed for the parliamentary seats.

Hundreds of European election monitors are in Belarus to monitor the voting and ballot counting.

Lukashenko -- seeking to improve relations with the United States and the European Union, which have imposed stiff sanctions on Minsk in response to his rule -- had pledged that election would be free and fair.

After Lukashenko cast his ballot, he said it would be very difficult for monitors to say the election was unfair. But several hundred opposition supporters are condemning the election as another rigged vote.

The European Union has said it would reconsider trade and travel sanctions against Belarus based on the monitors certifying the election as meeting international standards.



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