Belarus calls for UN to reach deeper insight of global interests

Belarus calls for the UN member-states to reach deeper understanding of the global interests, Andrei Dapkyunas, permanent representative of the Republic of Belarus in the UN stated in his speech in the UN headquarters in New York in the course of the high-level debate of the UN General Assembly (GA).

Belarus is confident in the necessity to reorient international relations from "confrontation fuelled by petty national interests to equal and mutually respectful dialogue and cooperation", the Belarusian diplomat said. Enhancing the General Assembly's impact on world affairs could only be possible when the contributions of all member-states received attentive and unbiased consideration, reported Belta.

The Millennium Development Goals could not be advanced unless the member-states could set aside their own geopolitical interests, stated the head of the Belarusian missions in the UN.

Speaking about the priority ways of the activity of the Belarusian delegation at the 63rd session of the UN General Assembly and describing climate change, as well and energy and food shortages, as interrelated issues of international concern, he said cooperation on the proliferation of energy-saving technologies, as well as renewable and alternative sources of energy, was the most promising way to address those dilemmas. Belarus offers to hold special debates in this respect. Andrei Dapkyunas backs the establishment of a multi-faceted energy agenda, including a code of conduct for transnational corporations engaged in oil and gas production and mining in developing countries.

Belarus called for increased efforts to find a feasible way to desalinate sea water. The United Nations could be integral to defining the future of such technologies that should belong to the whole mankind.

A matter of immediate concern was preventing human trafficking through the elaboration of a plan of action initiated by Belarus at the 63rd session of the UN GA, he said.

The Head of the Belarusian Mission in the UN also touched upon the initiatives of Chairman of the 63rd session of the UN GA Miguel D'Escoto on further democratization of the United Nations. To that end, Belarus called on the member states to bring a successful conclusion to its lengthy quest for its rightful membership in the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation and appropriateness in a strict observation of the principle of fair geographic representation in selecting governing personnel in the UN Secretariat departments.



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