Belarus President urges OSCE observers to present well thought-out evaluation of elections

The Belarus President called upon OSCE observers not to hurry with giving any opinion about the parliamentary elections in Belarus following the dictate of some country. Belarus "didn't expect revolutionary declarations", stressed Alexander Lukashenko as he met with head of the OSCE PA monitoring mission Anne-Marie Lizin on September 30, reported Belta.

"In my opinion you said the most important thing: our elections have been held in compliance with the national legislation. Whatever laws in a country may be, they have to be observed. As long as laws exist and are unchanged, the country and its citizens should live in accordance with these laws. It is an axiom. It would have been worse if you had said that in Belarus this important process had not corresponded to national laws. People are tried for that," said Alexander Lukashenko.

The President reminded in Belarus the responsibility for breaking election laws had been enhanced two times and is very severe now.

"For me, as the head of state, who is the guarantor of the Constitution and observance of laws, the recognition that the elections were held in line with the national legislation is the most important evaluation. It would have been strange if the elections had been held in line with different laws," added the Belarusian leader.

Alexander Lukashenko also remarked he had red the preliminary conclusions made by the OSCE observers in detail. "I believe you should very seriously consider what was done in Belarus before the elections before writing the final conclusion," said the President.



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