Belarus will not endanger Belarus-Russia relations to improve relations with Europe

Belarus will not endanger the Belarus-Russia relations to improve the relations with Europe, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said at the meeting with head of the OSCE PA monitoring mission Anne-Marie Lizin on September 30, reported Belta.

"Europe will make a huge mistake if it starts demanding us to improve the relations with the West at the expense of the deterioration of the Belarus-Russia relations. We have traditionally had good relations with the Russians. I do not think that Europe would benefit from the bad relations between Belarus and Russia. Anyway, Europe itself wants better relations with Russia. This is why if you urge us to improve the relations with Europe on the account of Russia, we will never agree to that," the President underlined.

Alexander Lukashenko expressed his confidence that the Belarusian side can "find the compromise that will suit Belarus, Europe and Russia."

"We are willing to try our best to find that compromise. But I do not want you to think that we are under such circumstances that we would ask you to let us join the European Union, OSCE, PACE and so on. We are not in such circumstances," the Head of State added.



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