Belarus to introduce new state standards for juices and juice production since September, 1

New state standards for juices and juice production will be introduced in Belarus since September 1, 2008, the representatives of the Research center on Food questions of the National Academy of sciences of Belarus reported.

"Seven state standards for vegetable, fruit and vegetable and fruit juices, nectars and juice containing beverages will come into force since September, 1, 2008"- the specialist of the center reported. "The Belarusian producers have to transfer to work on new standards till July 1, 2009, according to the graphic, developed by the Gosstandard, correspondingly to their technical re-equipment. The imported production will be controlled according to new quality standards since September 1 "- they added.

In total, new standards will make requirements to such products tougher in order to prevent the market from shipments of low quality juices, reported in the Research center on Food questions of the National Academy of sciences of Belarus. For example, in order to determine excessive heat treatment of juices and nectars, control on content of methylol furaldehyde is introduced. Its concentration should not exceed 10 mg/kg in citrus juices and 20 mg/kg - in other juices. To prevent processing of berries and fruits with signs of microbiological spoiling, the indices on mass concentration of acetic acid and D- and L- lactic acid are introduced.

It is assumed also to stipulate the food value of juices and nectars like in the European countries. Besides food value, carbohydrate content, natural content of vitamin C, the content of fats will be also specified, including the saturated fat acids, cellulose, sodium, albumens.

The new standards are introduced to harmonize national legislative with European and Russian legislative.



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