Parliamentary Election in Belarus 2008

Michael Batiukov

Belarus will conduct a Parliamentary Election on October 12, 2008. And Belarus "President" Lukashenko promises his country's upcoming election will be open and democratic. So, let's talk about democracy (and regular dictatorship in between the lines).

Democracy is a form of government in which the supreme power is held completely by people under a free and fair electoral system. What happens if there is no free and fair electoral system? And what happens if the whole electoral system is controlled by the government. Who is controlling the government? Nobody! The main thing is when there is no democracy - there is no control by the people over the government's actions. Ask the people of Zimbabwe do they want to live with no food, no water and 2000000% inflation. Probably, they don't. And, probably, that's what can happen when people loose control over their government.

So, when there is no control, there is no balance of power, there is no law, there is no opposition, no freedoms, no human rights, because two main principles of democracy are purposely destroyed by the government. The first principle is: all members of the society have equal access to power. And the second one is: all members of the society enjoy universally recognized freedoms and liberties. So, when people are separated from voting, or when they can vote for the government's candidates only, they are abused by the "tyranny" of the undemocratic dictatorial government. They are misinformed by the government's mass media and are not able to vote in their own personal interests. So, the dictatorial government does not care about people, and their votes, and their personal interests. The dictatorial government is pursuing their own personal interests and can easily falsify the results of any elections in the interests of so called president, his pocket ministers and bureaucratic representatives (in short, president's gang members).

As we know, Belarus is a presidential republic, governed (or plundered) by an illegitimate president and the National Assembly consisting of the 110-member House of Representatives, the lower house, and 64-member Council of the Republic, the upper house. Therefore, the President, Prime Minister, National Assembly, Council of Ministers, the Supreme Court, and the Constitutional Court, basically couple of hundreds of elite people in charge have ALL THE POWER what they need to do anything (stealing, killing, selling Belarus to Russia) without the rest about 10 million Belarusian people's concern.

Since the first president's election in July 1994, he consolidated all the power in his hands and dominated all branches of the government. He used a non-democratic November 1996 Referendum to amend the 1994 Constitution in order to broaden his powers and illegally extend his term in the office. This was the first time when he stole votes from the people of Belarus. After that he learned fast how to falsify any elections. Then he stole some terms in power for his personal use and began to count his 5-year term not from July 1994 but November 1996, taking illegally two more years of power. After his re-election in 2001 Lukashenko fell in love with massive vote-counting fraud forgetting forever any common standards of fairness. In 2004 he did it again fraudulently removing presidential term limits. No wander that March 2003 local elections and October 2004 parliamentary elections failed to meet any international standards. In March 2006 he re-elected himself again disregarding rights and freedoms of all Belarusian people.

What a shame!

Going back to a Parliamentary Election of October 12, 2008 there are 6523 polling stations with 110 district commissions and only 0,05% of the opposition control. How the parliament elected through not-open to voters' control polling stations can be legal? What kind of open and democratic election is that?

What Belarusian people and the opposition can not understand is that nobody is going to help them, not the US, not the EU, they have to help themselves. Every Belarus should finally admit that any election with the present "president" and his gang will be fraud and farce, and people's vote will be rigged as usual leaving then powerless to change anything again and again (for centuries?). For how long they can suffer because of the unworthy, corrupt, ignorant, illegal government obstructing any progress in Belarus. There is no better life, no progress without democracy, without legitimate elections. Did you travel to North Korea, Zimbabwe or Cuba lately? Do you want to see how people can live without any control over their government? The answer is simple; most of the people are hungry, oppressed and living in fear in very poor conditions after tens of years of rigged elections.

This time every person in Belarus should boycott the government's "election" and demand a new open, free and fair real election for all the people of Belarus. People should demand of the present government to return to the Constitution of 1994, reconsider all amendments and get dismissed. New democratic government should be elected. What the EU and US can not understand is that Belarus is not a "vassal" of Russia, the present government is. Most of Belarusian people are pro-European and pro-democratic but they never had a chance their voice to be heard during the last 14 years of Lukashenko's dictatorship. The Council of the Republic has the right to launch an investigation into charges of treason or other major crime brought by the lower chamber against the president and to dismiss the president by a two-thirds majority. All new members of the National Assembly should be elected democratically this time. Only Belarusian people themselves should fight for their rights. The real opposition is more than 9 million of people, just help them to make an informative decision, and just tell people the truth one on one.



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