Belarus to produce 10 mln tonnes of grains per year

Belarus plans to produce nearly 10 mln tonnes of grains per year, declared Ivan Bambiza, the Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus, on September 17. According to him, such volumes will provide the steady reserve of grains to the country and satisfy both domestic provision and exports.

Agricultural organizations of the country plan to increase grain production at the expense of the growth of intensification of production rates, I.Bambiza said.

According to I.Bambiza, in 2009, the production of grains in Belarus totaled 9 mln tonnes. Belarus plans to import nearly 15 thsd tonnes of hard wheat with high gluten content, due to low volumes of such wheat variety in the country, added I.Bambiza.

To date, Belarus will receive more advantages from rapeseed exports than from grain exports, mentioned he. According to his data, in 2008/09 MY, the general volumes of rapeseed exports will total 100 thsd tonnes.

In the current year, agricultural organizations of Belarus harvested over 750 thsd tonnes of rapeseed, an increase of 200 thsd tonnes compared to 2008. According to estimations of the Deputy Prime Minister, maize harvest also showed high results.



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