UFO sighting above Brest, Belarus during daytime

Michael Cohen

Interfax News Service in Belarus has reported on a recent mass UFO sighting in Belarus. Allegedly, on 1 September a UFO was seen by many residents in the city of Brest during the day. The UFO circled the city for around on hour and emitted a bright beam of light.

Nicholas Lyulkovich, a train station manager, described the object as 'egg-shaped' and about the size of a passenger plane. The colour of the UFO was said to be sparkling silver and it continually rotated on its axis. Every few minutes the UFO would descend closer to earth and then rise again.\

Mr Lyulkovich called his colleagues to come and see the UFO and they to attested that they saw it along with others in the city. Many attempted to take photos of what they thought might have been an extraterrestrial craft but their cameras would not work. After an hour the UFO flew to the north of the city and out of sight.

Belarusian Ufologist, Victor Gaduchik noted that in the last month UFO sightings in Belarus have been occurring at an unprecedented level.



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