Atomstroyexport, Belnipienenergoprom Sign Agreement For Feasibility Study Of Byelorussian NPP Project

Atomstroyexport CSJC (Atomstroyexport) and Belnipienenergoprom have signed an agreement for conducting feasibility study of the Byelorussian Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) project. The agreement is part of the plan of action 2009 to build a nuclear power plant in the Republic of Belarus. Thus, the parties have taken one more step towards the construction of the first Byelorussian NPP.

Presently, Russia and Belarus are negotiating a draft agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Belarus for joint construction of a nuclear power plant in the territory of the Republic of Belarus. The negotiations are near completion. The agreement is supposed to be signed in Oct 2009. The parties are also drafting the contract to be signed in Dec 2009. All problems arising between Russian and Byelorussian organizations are being solved in a constructive manner through negotiations and business contacts.

Byelorussian Nuclear Power Plant will have two 1,200MW reactors based on St.Petersburg Atomenergoproekt's NPP-2006 projec. The 1st unit is supposed to be launched in 2016, the 2nd one in 2018. The plant will be situated in Ostrovets, Hrodna region. The general contractor is Atomstroyexport , which will built the plant on a turnkey basis.



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