FBD: Belarus raised imported duties on vegetables

by Eugene Vorotnikov - - Moscow

September 03 2009 - Belarus has raised import duties on imported carrots, beets, onions, potatoes and cabbage, according to the Ministry of Agriculture of the country. The raised duties, which now amount to 180 percent of customs value will be in effect for six months. In addition, over the next nine months the Belarusian government will increase duties on imports of some consumer goods. The increase will be in the range from 25% to 40%.

Under the new rules, new import duties will not apply to food products supplied from the EU, Turkey, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Earlier, the government of Belarus has repeatedly raised the tax on imports, due to a need to support their own producers. According to the Ministry of Economy of Belarus, raised duties will not result in inflation jump.

Recall that previous customs duty rate in the country did not exceed 120% for all vegetables.



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