Belarus highlights role of middle-income countries

UNITED NATIONS, Sept. 26 (Xinhua) -- Belarussian Foreign Minister Sergei Martynov on Saturday stressed the role of middle-income countries, saying they could be yet another "motor" of economic and social progress.

"It is quite evident that resources and capacity of a narrow circle of traditional world leaders are insufficient for overcoming the crisis," Martynov told the general debate of the 64th session of the United Nations General Assembly. "The greatest potential for growth rests with the states of 'moderate means.'"

"To a certain extent, one could draw a parallel here with the key importance of the middle class for stable economic and political development of states," he said.

"We believe in current conditions that the strengthening of economic potential and political role of middle-income countries could be yet another 'motor' of economic and social progress," Martynov said.

He noted that last year, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on development cooperation with middle-income countries.

"The real point is that the larger the number of economically prosperous states in the world, the stronger and more predictable the world economy will be, and the fewer crises and cataclysms.

"More opportunities for economic growth of poor countries and increase in the development assistance will be created," Martynov said. "In the long run, everyone is going to be a winner."

Saturday was the fourth of seven days' general debate this year at the 192-member UN General Assembly. The theme of this year's debate is "Effective responses to global crises: strengthening multilateralism and dialogue among civilizations for international peace, security and development."



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