Russia tests high precision weapons in Belarus

Baranovichi, Belarus - During the "Zapad 2009" drills underway until tomorrow

(WAPA) - Tactical and strategical Russian bombers yesterday performed successuflly some tests with high precision weapons during the "Zapad 2009" drills underway in Belarus at the Obuz-Lesnovski range, as confirmed by colonel Alexander Drobyshevsky, spokesman of the ground forces.

"Tupolev Tu-22M3 Backfire strategic bombers and Sukhoi Su-24M Fencer tactical bombers, which are equipped with a specialized computing subsystem SVP-24 -Drobyshevsky stated- conducted a series of live-firing drills aimed at destroying ground targets designated by a commander of a motorized infantry brigade".

In particular, the colonel explained, the exercise consisted in the sudden retargeting of the aircraft following a change in target priority decided by the commander on the ground during an intense battle. "Air strikes on these new targets -added Drobyshevsky- were delivered with high precision in poor weather conditions from outside the effective range of the enemy's air defenses".

The "Zapad 2009" exercise, underway from September 8 to 29, includes 13,000 people, 63 airplanes, 40 helicopters, 470 infantry vehicles, 228 tanks and 234 artillery pieces both Russian and Belarusian, including air defense S-300 missiles.



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