FBD: Belarus to increase sugar exports to third countries by the end of 2009

by Eugene Vorotnikov - - Moscow

September 01 2009 - The government of Belarus has confirmed that it's planning to increase sugar exports by 15%.

According to the chairman of the leading Belarusian sugar producer "Belgospisheprom> Ivan Danchenko the supply of sugar to third countries (mainly to former Soviet states and Middle East) by the end of the year will increase by 230,000 tons.

The volume of shipments to Russia will remain the same based on earlier reached agreements, and amount to 150 thousand.

According to Danchenko, sugar refineries in Belarus starting from September 1 will begin processing a new sugar beet crop. The total harvest is expected to be $4 million tons. This will allow the country to produce more than 510-515 thousand tons of sugar, which will fully meet the needs of the domestic market and all the export commitments



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