FBD: Belarus may restrict imports of juices

by Eugene Vorotnikov

September 8 2009 - Belarus may restrict imports of juices, local media reports. According to official data of the Customs Service of the Republic of Belarus the import of fruit and vegetable juices to the country in June-August 2009 increased by 12,4% to 13.474 thousand tons ($13.9 million), while the domestic production continues to decrease.

Russia remains the main supplier of juices to Belarus during the summer months imported more than 6,409 tons of beverages amounted to $6.874 million. However such state of affairs is unacceptable for the local government. Recently the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko has ordered the largest food producer of the country BelGosPishcheProm to increase the domestic production of juices and told about the possibility to restrict imports of juices to Belarus.

According to Lukashenko . The main suppliers of juices for the Belarussian market will be the local plant "Old Castle> and a new start-of the art facility which will be launched at the end of the year.



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