Lukashenko assures Chavez of strict fulfillment of bilateral accords

ZASLAVL (Minsk region), September 8 (Itar-Tass) -- All the agreements between Belarus and Venezuela will be strictly fulfilled, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko told Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez on Tuesday.

"I am glad to welcome you to Belarus. You visit Belarus no matter what, and we value that," he told Chavez, who had come to Minsk on a working visit.

Lukashenko thanked Venezuela for 'colossal support' and affirmed the successful performance of the joint oil company, growing trade and economic contacts.

"We felt Belarusian friendliness since the very first visit. Whenever I go visiting, I always come to Belarus," Chavez said.

He conveyed greetings from the leaders of Algeria, Libya, Iran, Cuba and some other states.

"We want to strengthen relations with Belarus. Our relations have acquired new dynamics, and we are ready to open new horizons," he said.

Chavez said he had visited the Minsk car plant and had a very good impression. "I can see you have made big technological progress. We want to set up joint ventures," he said.

The world crisis had affected Belarus, but jobs were preserved, Chavez said. "There is no limit to Belarus-Venezuela integration," he added.

A number of important documents were signed during the official visit of Lukashenko to Venezuela in December 2007. A joint venture, Petrolera BeloVenesolana, was set up and produced its first million of crude by now.

Another joint venture was formed for building homes and infrastructure in the Macarao neighborhood in Caracas.

A bilateral science and technology center opened last year.

Trade between Belarus and Venezuela doubled to $132.5 million in January-June 2009.



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