Belarus - Moscow oblast is Belarus' key partner in Russia

The Moscow oblast is Belarus' major partner in Russia, Vice-Premier of Belarus Andrei Kobyakov said during the 10th joint session of a task group to promote cooperation between Belarus and the Moscow oblast. The session took place in Logoisk on 9 September.

According to Andrei Kobyakov, joint meetings are highly important for working out operational measures in the present-day economic conditions. "Unfortunately we have not been able to avoid a reduction in the mutual trade in H1 2009," he said. In January-July 2009 the trade between Belarus and the Moscow oblast reached RUB 31 billion (8.3 million), 37.7% down from the same period in 2008. Yet the two sides have implemented several projects that boosted particular economic sectors. Thus, the Moscow oblast imported 0 million worth of Belarusian agricultural produce in H1 2009.

According to Andrei Kobyakov, the two countries have good prospects for cooperation in the construction and industrial areas. The two countries are considering the construction of 1 million square meters of inexpensive housing by Belarus in Russia. "The Ministry of Architecture and Construction is to select a land parcel. We would like to get such a land plot or land plots in the Moscow oblast, Andrei Kobyakov said.

"Despite some difficulties we need to continue working on expanding industrial cooperation and setting up joint productions. This is our future and the groundwork for the future growth," the vice-Premier added.

Andrei Kobyakov said that today it is especially important to make the projections as to the amount of mutually supplied products. "Belarus has prepared such proposals for 2009. I hope that in 2010 the document will be made by the two sides. This will make cooperation between the government bodies of Belarus and Moscow oblast more effective," Andrei Kobyakov believes.

Experts of Belarus and Moscow oblast have finalized the draft mid-term cooperation programme for 2010-2012. The draft will be recommended for the signing during the forthcoming visit of the governor of the Moscow oblast to Belarus.



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