The Minsk mayor received the Armenian ambassador to Belarus

Yesterday the mayor of the Minsk Nicolay Ladutko and RA Ambassador to Belarus Oleg Yesayan met with each other.

During the meeting were discussed the issues of cooperation and friendship between the nations and the construction of the memorial monument for the 33 thousand Armenian people who died for the Great Victory in Belarus.

The RA ambassador mentioned that the trade economic, scientific and technological and cultural cooperation signed between Yerevan and Minsk on June 6, 2002 should be enlarged and deepened. Especially taking into consideration the fact that the heads of both cities are tend to pay a special attention on the mentioned questions.

Speaking about the unique architecture of Minsk the ambassador Yesayan congratulated Nicolay Ladutko on the 942nd anniversary of Minsk which was on the 12th of September and hoped the monument (Khachqar) for the memory of the victims who fall for the defense and liberation of Belarus will find its place in Minsk till the end of the year, informed the press and public relations department of RA MFA.



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