Krishna takes austerity route, to travel to Belarus in Lufthansa economy class

New Delhi, Sep 13 : External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna has said that he will travel by German airliner Lufthansa in the economy class to Belarus and Turkmenistan.

He has also decided to cut down his delegation from 20 to two members for the trip.

Krishna further said that he will not travel first class in commercial airliners.

Krishna's decision follows the severe criticism in the media of his stay in a five star hotel in Delhi while waiting for his official accommodation to get ready.

The Union Cabinet, which met on Thursday, discussed the high expenditures incurred by ministers and lawmakers on travel and stay, and asked them to observe austerity as the country was facing a drought.

On Saturday, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee flew to Kolkata in the economy class, thereby setting an example for others to follow.



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