FBD: Belarus to impose unofficial ban on Russian dairy imports

by Eugene Vorotnikov

September 14 2009 - The Russian dairy importers for the past three weeks can not supply their milk and dairy products to the Belarusian market due to an unofficial ban imposing by the Belarusian government, Russian media reports.

It is clear that, despite the absence of customs borders, any dairy products can be supplied to Belarus only with the permission of the Ministry of Agricultural of the country. According to sources close to the Ministry, Belarus still receives applications for the Russian imports but without any further action. All the applications are simply layed aside by the Belarusian authorities without any official explanation. Officials also did not report how long such practice will take place.

In fact, there were no any bans, but the importers can not deliver milk and dairy products without any explanation from the Belarusian side. Moreover, the problem probably is not related to the poor quality of the Russian products.

Currently, none of the Russian importers does not link such situation with the recent "milk war> between the countries and did not consider it as a revenge of the official Minsk. However, they continue to bear huge losses asking the governments for immediate negotiations.

Recently Russia has already initiated a with Belarus (later continued with Lithuania), which result in complete halt of the Belarusian dairy exports to Russia. The main reason of this was that the Belarusian producers and suppliers were not extended a licensing documentation in accordance with the Russian technical requirements for milk and dairy products, but, according to officials there were the political differences between the two countries.

More than 1,2 thousand of dairy items were banned at that time. As a result of negotiations the parties agreed that the Belarusian producers and suppliers will gradually adjust the documentation for the products supplied to Russia.



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