Borisovdrev OJSC to build a new MDF 60,000 cub m per year production line

Moscow. Sep 15, 2009. /Lesprom Network/. Since February 2008, Borisovdrev company belonging to Bellesbumprom group (Belarus) implements a two-stage investment project, as Minsk region administration informed Lesprom Network. The first stage was modernization of plywood line costing Eur 849,000 and of harvesting capacity for Eur 956,000. The second stage entails demolition of an old wood fiberboard capacity and construction of MDF production line and local heat and power station.

It is planned to finish construction of the line in Q2 2011. The mill will produce finished MDF for furniture and construction industries. The company plans to install a finishing and decoration line which will make boards look like different wood species.

Establishment of heat and power station will cost Eur 3.5 million. The station will provide the whole site with steam and power, which will be 20% cheaper than using external power supply. As chief engineer of Borisovdrev Valeriy Shmatko reported, the enterprise has concluded an agreement with Ukrainian Novye Energeticheskie Sistemy company in order to transfer one of the boilers to internal wood waste use.

The mill management expects the average profitability of Borisovdrev production lines to boost by 10% to more than 20%. Materials and energy consumption of the production will decrease.

Total investments in the project will reach Eur 32.2 million, German and BPS-Bank loaned funds are attracted.



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