Russian embassy attacked by Molotov cocktails in Minsk

The Russian embassy in Minsk, Belarus has been attacked by Molotov cocktails. Unknown assailants threw two of the explosives into the embassy premises. No one was injured but a car was destroyed. After the attack security was tightened around the Belarussian embassy in Moscow.

The Russian foreign office released a statement on the event stating that "we view this incident as an outrageous act in which there is a clear desire by certain forces to interfere with the normal work of the embassy and to bring distrust and tensions to bilateral relations."

This is not the first time the embassy has come under attack. In 2007, a grenade was thrown at the building while then Russian President Vladimir Putin was visiting.

Belarussian-Russian relations have been tense in recent months, as in June, Russia shut off Belarus's gas supply over unpaid bills.


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