Belarusian festival to stage Iranian traditional performance

Tehran Times: Hassan Azimi will stage the Iranian traditional play "Mobarak Wedding" at the Brest Drama and Music Festival which will be held from September 11 to 19 in Belarus.

The play was previously staged by the Bazisazan troupe at Tehran's Bahman Cultural Center where it was warmly received by the audience.

Hassan Azimi, Ahmad Mehrabi and Ali Sadeqikhah are the cast members of the play and Ali Shahbazi on tonbak and Shahab Mehrpuyan on setar accompanied the troupe with their live music performance.

A veteran in Iranian traditional performances, Azimi is mostly known for his innovations in Iran's traditional dramatic arts and also his efforts in their globalization by staging his works in different countries including France, Spain and Armenia.

Azimi has staged several renowned tragedies including "Hamlet", "King Lear" and "Othello" in the form of ru-hozi in which a black-faced harlequin named Mobarak stirs the audience to laughter with amusing improvisations.

He has covered his expenses for staging of his play in other countries by himself and lamented that he is unable to attend many festivals due to financial problems.

The Bazisazan Theater Troupe was established in 1984 by Hassan Azimi who is also the artistic director of the group. The troupe has staged more than 70 performances.


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