Belarus parliament proposes date on presidential election

Lower house of the Belarus National Assembly on Tuesday offered to set the presidential election date on Dec. 19 this year, Russian news agencies reported.

"Dec. 19 is the most optimal date," said Vasily Baikov, chairman of the parliamentary commission for state building, local governance and regulation, when presenting the bill.

Incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko has previously expressed willingness to participate in the election, but has not made an official statement so far, said the RIA Novosti news agency.

Speaker of the Belarus House of Representatives Vladimir Andreychenko said after the presidential election was completed, the government would be fully able to initiate socioeconomic programs for the coming year and next five years starting from Jan. 1, 2011.

According to Belarus constitution, the deadline for the presidential election should be no later than Feb. 6, 2011, which were two months before the expiration of the incumbent president's term, and the announcement of the date should be made no later than Nov. 6 this year.


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