Belarus to supply 50 thsd tonnes of milling rye and 20 thsd tonnes of flour to Russia

In the nearest future, Belarus will export 50 thsd tonnes of milling rye and 20 thsd tonnes of flour to Russia, stated Ivan Bambiza, the Vice Prime-Minister of the Belarusian Government, on September 6.

I.Bambiza informed that the Government also took the decision concerning exports of oats and peeled groats. The Vice Prime-Minister announced that they received the applications from the Russian Federation.

Besides, I.Bambiza added that the Republican Committee on regulation of the markets of certain types of agricultural commodities and by-products considers the issue for exports of malting barley and brewer's malt

While commenting the recent announcement of Russian state representatives regarding the existing buckwheat groats supplies limitations from Belarus to Russia, the Vice Prime-Minister explained that till the recent time Belarus imported about 20 thsd tonnes of buckwheat groats per year. During last 2 years, the country solved the problem of satisfying the domestic buckwheat demands by the product of own production. As of to date, Belarus harvested 11 thsd tonnes of buckwheat, noted I.Bambiza. I.Bambiza also underlined that to date Belarus can not provide any large-scale buckwheat groats export supplies.


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