Belarus opposition veteran to skip election over ballot count

Aleksandr Milinkevich, who was united Belarusian opposition candidate during the 2005 presidential election, has said he won't run for office in December this year. He cited election legislation as the main reason.

Earlier, Milienkevich suggested amendments to the procedure of ballot counting, but they were rejected by the country's central election commission.

"We suggested amending the election legislation. We sent the suggestion to embassies of the EU members, to the Council of Europe, the OSCE and the European Parliament. And we were in touch with the Belarusian parliament. But after the date of election was announced, head of the election commission Lidiya Ermoshina said no changes will be made. For me, it is the main reason not to run for the presidency," he told journalists in Minsk.

Earlier on Thursday, President Lukashenko lashed out at opposition politicians, branding them as "enemies of the people".

"They are no opposition. They are enemies of the people. They are wherever they can harm the state. Yesterday, Europe and America were putting pressure on us - they were there. Now Russia is putting pressure - they are there," Belarus' leader said.


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