Healthcare professionals from Belarus visit St. Louis

ST. LOUIS, MO (St. Louis Public Radio) - A group of healthcare professionals from the Eastern European country of Belarus is visiting St. Louis to learn about U.S. health programs.

The group stopped at St. Luke's hospital in Chesterfield today.

Dr. Iryna Vinogradova said that despite the differences between the U.S. and Belarusian healthcare systems, she thinks the group will learn a lot from their visit.

"We're hoping that the American healthcare professionals will share their experiences and knowledge with us, about how to promote healthy lifestyles and well programs to take care of our citizens."

Along with hospitals, the Belarusians are visiting private companies, schools, county health departments, and non-profits. The group will also spend a few days in Jefferson City, meeting with state health officials.

Dr. Vinogradova said that as a primary care physician, she is most interested in learning how Americans handle preventative care. "And certainly we have a lot of areas of interest in that preventative field, certainly obesity, and diabetes, and various high blood pressure issues, are all of interest to us."

The group will be in St. Louis for about three weeks, staying with local host families.


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