Belarus imposed ban for exports of rapeseed oil, rapeseeds and flax seed

The temporary ban for exports of rapeseed oil, rapeseeds and flax seed from the territory of Belarus came into force on September 15, 2010.

According to the Decree of the Government of Belarus #1312, the temporary ban will last till March 15, 2011.

The temporary covers the following list of agricultural products: crushed or whole rapeseed or colza seeds, crude and refined rapeseed or mustard oils, and the fractions, and crushed or whole flax seeds.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus is charged to inform the Committee of the Customs Union in accordance with the established procedure concerning imposition of the export ban, and introduce the proposal to impose the similar measures by other countries-participants of the Customs Union for consideration by the Committee.

As a reminder, the Belarusian State Concern of Food Industry (Belgospischeprom) explained the imposition of the temporary export ban with the deficit of rapeseed volumes for the required loading of capacities of the fat-and-oil industry enterprises in the country, and satisfying of requirements of the domestic market with the raw material.

In the current year, Belarus received lower rapeseed production volumes compared to the planned volumes, due to rather difficult wintering conditions (over 30% of rapeseed sowings perished), and the anomalous heat in the period of winter and spring rapeseed ripening.

According to estimations of specialists of the concern, rapeseed production in the current year is expected at the level of nearly 350 thsd tonnes in clean weight as opposed to 612.4 thsd tonnes in 2009. As a result, loading of production capacities of Belarusian enterprises will total 40-45% only.

According to data of Belgospischeprom, agrarians of Belarus almost completed rapeseed harvesting campaign as of to date. Rapeseed production volumes in bunker weight totaled 464 thsd tonnes with the average yield of 15.4 c/ha.

It is planned that the processing enterprises of the country will produce 100 thsd tonnes of rapeseed oil, at the same time, the domestic market requirements in the oil totals 134 thsd tonnes.


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