Belarus to purchase 20-30 thsd tonnes of wheat

In the current year, Belarus plans to purchase nearly 20-30 thsd tonnes of wheat with high gluten content for macaroni products output, declared Vasiliy Sedin, the director of bakery products department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus.

V.Sedon also marked that previously the country imported nearly 150-200 thsd tonnes of wheat per year. To date, Belarus will provide wheat purchases on tender basis.

Due to the present level of grain production in the country and grain carry-over stocks, Belarus has the possibility to export nearly 50 thsd tonnes of wheat flour, and 100 thsd tonnes of rye flour.

At the same time, in the current year, Belarus is ready to export nearly 15 thsd tonnes of peeled barley and nearly 7-8 thsd tonnes of oat groats.


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