Belarus proposes new global action for youth in order to achieve MDGs

FOCUS News Agency

United Nations. Sergei Martynov, minister of foreign affairs for Belarus, said Tuesday that UN should help build global partnerships for the benefit of young people in order to accomplish the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Xinhua informed.

Martynov's statement came in his address to the General Assembly during the international deliberative body's high-level plenary meeting on the MDGs. World leaders and other high-ranking officials gathered from Sept. 20 to Sept. 22 to discuss the future of the eight international development goals, which are due to be met by 2015.

"Analysis of MDG implementation has led us to the unambiguous conclusion: it may be as important as ever to activate efforts in the sectors that directly or indirectly impact the prosperity of future generations," Martynov said.

Martynov suggested to the assembly a new initiative titled " Help Future Generations Prosper," which he said would help defend and promote the interests of young people around the world.

He said that the UN could contribute to this proposed initiative and global partnership by "identifying specific mechanisms to support talented young people and forge young managers of a new type."

In addition, Martynov suggested that the General Assembly hold a thematic debate on "fighting the social degradation of youth."

"It is also necessary to assist in preventing the threats that are common for young generations in many countries such as drugs, alcohol, violence, and departure from civil responsibilities," he said.


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