Venezuela saves Belarus from economic crisis

The Latin American country has sent oil to Minsk after Russia stopped subsidizing shipments of crude oil to Belarus


Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said that Venezuela has "saved" his country from an economic crisis after Russia stopped subsidizing oil sent to Minsk, Efe reported.

"Had Venezuela not helped us, we would have faced a very bad time. They saved us," Lukashenko acknowledged, as reported by official news agency Belta. He added that, unlike Russia, which has gradually increased the price of oil and gas purchased by Belarus in recent years, Venezuela "sells oil under normal conditions."

Belarus' president said that his country has also supported Venezuela. "We do not extract oil and go. We are engaged in house building. We are building entire cities and producing oil. We are very pleased with our cooperation projects."

Lukashenko said recently that Belarus will import 10 million tons of Venezuelan oil to reduce dependence on Russian oil.


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