Belarus and Estonia: stronger bilateral relations

"To strengthen relations between the partner associations, MPs, as well as the general development of Belarusian-Estonian inter-parliamentary cooperation": these are the reasons why, as reported by the Belarusian embassy, a delegation of parliamentarians from the National Assembly of Belarus are visiting Estonia.

The Belarusian delegation will have a meeting with Ene Ergma, Speaker of Parliament, and also with the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Tallinn City Government.

The official stay will last four days and it is the first one in the history between Estonian and Belarus.

Belarus and Latvia

But Estonia is not the only Baltic country trying to develop better ties with Belarus as Sergei Sidorsky, Belarusian Prime Minister, had a meeting also with the major of Riga Nils Usakovs about some possible cooperation between Latvia and Belarus.

Getting into details, it seems that Sidorsky was interested in establish cooperation with Riga Railcar Factory and with the trolley-buses' manufacturing.

Also, Usakovs and Sidorsky spoke about the advantages of the port of Riga, and the Belarusian Prime Minister recognized that the transit of cargo through Riga would be convenient for Belarus.

About education, both figures talked about the rebuilding of the Riga Belarusian School.


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