Minister of Belorussia: Armenian brandy is appreciated in Belarus

38% of brandy market in Belarus is occupied by the Armenian brandy, today informed Valeri Chikanov the Trade Minister of Belarus during the meeting with journalists. According to him there are 6 state and private companies that import, the Armenian cognac to Belarus.

"We will support your product in the Belarusian market, especially brandy which is too much appreciated in our country, to be always available as a main product and to increase the volume," said V. Chekanov, and informed that negotiations are being held on establishing a company in Belarus for producing Armenian brandy.

To the question, how can it be called Armenian cognac if produced in Belarus, for by the RA law only the brandy produced in Armenia has the right to be called Armenian, Armenian Minister of Economy Nerses Yeritsyan replied that perhaps the solution is that it will be produced in Belarus by the Armenian technology. "Or if the issue will grow to that level, obviously there should be held discussions because there is a legal limitation, it is a subject of negotiations."

The minister denied the possibility of legislative change: "You know how strict the public reacts on those issues."

According to V. Chekanov Belarus now is bottlering different cognacs from Moldova and other countries by their technologies, the names are given correspondingly, and they are being sold with great success.

"I wish I could do the same in the case of Armenian brandy, if the talks end successfully" the Belarusian minister said.


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