Belarus' BMZ invests over ?5 million in reconstruction of dust and gas removal system

Byelorussian Iron and Steel Works (BMZ) has announced that it has signed a contract with the Finnish company Water Group for the reconstruction of its dust and gas removal system, which will allow it to significantly reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere. The total cost of the project, which is to be completed by the end of next year, will exceed ?5 million.

Accordingly, the aim of the project is not only to clean gases from dust and significantly reduce emissions of CO, but also to cut the consumption of natural gas. "For example, following the installation of new equipment, the German company Buderus was able to save about 3.8 million cubic meters of gas per year and to decrease emissions of carbon monoxide by 7,000 tons. BMZ plans to achieve similar results," reads the company's statement.

"Of course, the installation of new equipment will lead to a temporary halt of the furnace. Considering this, we plan to combine the installation with the maintenance and repair of the production units. One of our objectives is to reduce the electricity consumption by 8-12 percent and to increase the steel production by 15-20 percent. Currently, we produce more than 2.5 million mt of steel per year, while after the modernization of the first furnace we plan to exceed the three million mt level," stated BMZ general director Anatoly Savenok in the company statement.

In the next five years, BMZ will invest around ?17 million in its environmental program.


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