Ukraine To Transit 9 Million Tons Of Oil For Belarus By Rail In 2011

Ukrainian News Agency

Ukraine plans to transit 9 million tons of oil of Venezuelan origin by railway transport for the needs of Belarusian petroleum refineries in 2011, Transport and Communications Minister Kostiantyn Yefymenko has told a news briefing.

In his words, the Cabinet of Ministers at its session on Wednesday, September 29 approved an agreement between the governments of Ukraine and Belarus on measures regarding development of cooperation in the sphere of oil transportation, which fixed the mentioned volumes for 2011.

Yefymenko added, in 2010 Ukraine would carry about 1.5 million tons of oil for Belarusian petroleum refineries.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, Ukraine and Belarus on July 12 signed an intergovernmental agreement on transportation of crude oil on transit through Ukrainian territory to Belarusian petroleum refineries.

The Fuel and Energy Ministry said Ukraine to be ready to transport up to 4 million tons of crude from May 1, 2010 to April 2011 and increase this amount to 10 million tons subsequently.


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