Belarus Palace of Republic installs grandMA2

The Palace of Republic in Minsk is the main concert hall of the Republic of Belarus

Belarus - Built in 2001, the Palace of Republic in Minsk is the main concert hall of the Republic of Belarus. The building consists of the Big Hall (2,500 seats) and the Small Hall (500 seats), and many of the most prestigious performances in the country are staged here.

During the recent complex renovation of the Big Hall, a grandMA2 system consisting of two grandMA2 full-sizes, one grandMA2 light, one grandMA2 ultra-light, two MA NPUs (Network Processing Units), nine MA 2Port Nodes as well as a Digital Dimming dimMA compact system, was installed.

Sergey Kabyka lighting designer and programmer reports, "We chose the grandMA2 because we wanted to have a high redundancy, high technology lighting control system which is future proof for the upcoming years. Furthermore it was important for us that the console can handle a theatre environment the same way as it can handle a concert show. The grandMA2 fulfils all our needs perfectly."

Vitaly Kazakevich, the project's technical specialist adds, "It was an impeccable job. We were very happy when our wish for the MA control system was fully supported by the customer. We worked together with Sergey Kabyka, second lighting designer at the Palace Victor Krylov and 'dimmer chief' Igor Balashkov.

MA Lighting's distributor in Belarus Belcultproject Kommunisticheskaya and Muzikos Ekspresas realised the project.

(Jim Evans)


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