Kokoity wants to join Russian-Belarusian tandem

On Tuesday leader of the puppet regime of Tskhinvali Eduard Kokoity met with Secretary of State of the Union State of Russia and Belarus Pavel Borodin in Moscow. Ossetian leader invited Borodin to Tskhinvali on September 20th, at the anniversary of the proclamation of independence of the republic. On this day a military parade will be held in the city. And after the meeting, he made a surprise announcement, saying that this meeting was the next stage of negotiations on accession of South Ossetia to the Union State. "South Ossetia is very interested in this" - he explained.

"We discussed issues of cooperation with the Union State of Russia and Belarus. Of course, we discussed prospects of entering of South Ossetia in the Union State - Kokoity told Interfax. - We have not negotiated specific terms; we discussed prospects and our cooperation, joint projects that would contribute to the economy of South Ossetia. "


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