KIPA, Belarus Academy sign MOU

MINSK, Belarus - State-run research institutes from Korea and Belarus Tuesday signed a memorandum of understanding calling for stepping up cooperation in the areas of public administration between the two countries.

It was signed by Park Eung-kyuk, president of the Korea Institute of Public Administration under the Prime Minister's Office, and Anatol Marazevich, rector of the Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus, during the former's visit to the latter in Minsk.

They also agreed to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the continuing education of civil servants and to conduct research on the theory and practices of public administration.

Under this memorandum, cooperation in public administration, which is deemed inevitable for developing countries to jump into the rank of advanced economies, will be further promoted through interactive training of public administrators and civil servants.

In particular, both sides showed a deep interest in developing innovative methods in promoting electronic communication including a distance education system and computer-assisted educational technologies.

Park, now on a five-day visit to Belarus, asked for increased cooperation in the sector of public administration, citing the unhappy history of the two countries peppered with a series of hardships and never-ending invasions.

He talked with officials of the Belarus Ministry of Economy, the Ministry for Taxes and Levies and the Minsk City Executive Committee to exchange a wide range of views on public and economic administration.

Belarus, bordering Russia and Poland, is an East European country with vast plains similar to the Korean Peninsula in size and a per capita income of $11,600


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