FBD: Belarus plans to increase sugar exports to European Union

by Eugene Vorotnikov Moscow

October 21 2009 - Belarus is planning to increase the exports of sugar to European Union in the coming years, sources in the Belarusian government have told.

Until now Russia and the CIS countries were the largest sale markets for the Belarusian sugar, however the official Minsk wants to change the current state of affairs. Belarus has already supplied its sugar to some EU countries such as Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, but their amount is insignificant primarily due to the very high rate of import customs duty (419 euros for 1 m).

The Belarusian sugars producers believe that one of the most appropriate forms of cooperation with the EU could be the supply of their sugar for industrial purposes mainly for the production of confectionery and soft drinks.

Meanwhile the Executive Director of the International Sugar Organization (ISO), Peter Baron during his recent visit to Minsk has expressed his interest in the possibility of the Belarusian sugar exports to the European Union

According to him the sugar industry of Belarus is rapidly developing increasing the chances of the country to start sugar exports to EU someday.

The chairman of one of the largest Belarusian food companies BelGosPishcheProm Ivan Danchenko has the same point of view, looking for the future development of mutually beneficial cooperation between the Belarusian sugar producers with members of both the European and world sugar market.

International Sugar Organization (ISO) is an intergovernmental body whose main purpose is to improve the working conditions in the world sugar market. ISO unites sugar producers from more than 83 countries worldwide, including Belarus.



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