Falcon plane crashes near Minsk

MOSCOW, October 27 (Itar-Tass) - There were five people on board the Falcon plane that crashed near Minsk on Monday night while on a flight from Russia. This has been confirmed by a spokesman for the Federal Air Transport Agency (FATA).

The FATA spokesman said, "The fate of the five people is unknown so far. An active search for them is under way". "There were three crewmembers and two passengers on board," he added.

The business plane Falcon, belonging to the S-Air Company, took off from Vnukovo-3 airport at 21:06, and disappeared from radar screens at 22:35 when approaching the international airport of Belarus, at a distance of two kilometres from the airfield.

According to preliminary data, a source at the Rosaeronavigatsiya (Federal air navigation authority) said, "There was probably the air company's general director Marat Romashkin on board the plane".

"Visibility was over 3,000 metres, and there was no strong wind. The plane was unable to land at the first go and went around, after which it disappeared from radar screens," the source said.

The BAe-125 (Falcon) plane is designed to carry eight passengers and has been developed for business aviation. Its fuselage is 14.33 metres long; wing span is14.33 m; maximum takeoff weight is12.5 tonnes, maximum speed of flight is 805 km/hr, and practical range of flight is 2,500 km. Planes of this type have been manufactured since the beginning of 1960. Over 700 such planes have been made. all in all.



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