BAe-125/800 crashed in Belarus

Minsk, Belarus - On board three crew members and two passengers are all dead

(WAPA) - All the deceased: the three crew members and two passengers who were aboard the British Aerospace B?e-125/800B operated by the Russian S-?ir. The aircraft which took off yesterday from Moscow-Vnukovo, crashed at about three kilometres away from the airport of destination the "Minsk-2 International Airport". The Minsk-Belarus from Minks, Belarus, at 10:35pm local time.

The aircraft code RA-02807, caught fire after impact, and is destroyed. Unknown at the time was the cause of the tragic event. The B?e-125 is a twin-jet plane multifunction, low-wing monoplane known as "Dominie" had made its first flight on August 13th 1962.

Series / 800 has a wingspan increased to a higher takeoff weight, curved windshield, rang increased by a larger ventral fuel tank, cockpit with electronic equipment and video displays, and larger engines. The first flight was made in May of 1983.




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