Belarus increased flour products output by 1.1%

During January-September period of 2009, enterprises of the bakery department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus produced 511.6 thsd tonnes of flour products, an increase of 1.1% compared to the same period in the previous year, declared the department.

During nine months of the current year, Belarus produced 510 thsd tonnes of flour, up 1.1% compared to January-September period of 2008, including 337.500 tonnes of wheat flour (up 11.2% compared to the level of January-September of the last year), 116.600 tonnes of rye flour (down 14.9%). Production of flour from oats lowered by 24% to 693 tonnes, flour from barley output increased by 2.2 times to 1.650 tonnes and flour from buckwheat - by 3 times to 65 tonnes.

During the period, composite flour production volumes (based on wheat flour) totaled 1.1 thsd tonnes, up 3.7% compared to nine months of 2008, according to the department.

Belarus produced 49.2 thsd tonnes of packaged flour, up 4.4% compared to January-September of the last year.

The bakery department owns 16 flour production enterprises.



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