Belarus: Selection will start next month

The Belarussians are most likely to make a start with their national selection in the next month. Broadcaster ONT will start a show called Music Court, that previously was known as Song for Eurovision, and that is supposed to be the show to determine the Belarus representative this year.

However ONT is no EBU member and is therefor not entitled to use the name Eurovision, EBU has decided.

ONT has applied for membership, but if it does not get it in time, BTRC will broadcast the international final, and ONT the national one, like in previous years.

A total of 25 songs has been selected, among others a composition by Bruce Smith and Robert D. Fisher (who were responsible for My impossible dream (NL'05)), Lift your Heart. In every show five songs will be presented, sung by artists who participate in the project 'New voices of Belarus'. At the end of each show a jury will send one song to the final. After that the audience will get the chance to select one more song by SMS.

In the final the 10 songs will be presented once more, and a winner will be determined by televoting. It is unclear however if this winner will eventually be sent to Oslo. Another series of shows might be planned after that. Possibly the winning artist will not be the one sent to Oslo either. (Source: ONT/Bruce Smith/



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