Ukraine boosts electricity exports to Poland and Belarus

Interfax-Ukraine cited Mr Valentyn Bondarenko GD of Ukrinterenergo as saying that the Ukrinterenergo state company increased the capacity of electricity supplies to Poland by 8.3% in October compared to September from 120 MW to 130 MW.

He said that "The prices on Ukraine's traditional foreign markets increased from the beginning of autumn and a rise in demand has led to a rise in attractiveness of not inexpensive domestic electricity. That's why we managed to agree with partners to increase the supplies."

Ukrinterenergo plans to supply 67.9 million kWh of electricity to Zomar SA by the end of October, or 8.1% more than in September. Moreover, according to Bondarenko, the state company plans to increase exports of electricity to Belarus by 3.6% this month compared to the previous month, supplying up to 215 million kWh.

As reported, Ukraine resumed commercial electricity supplies to Poland from September 1st.



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