D-day for Advocate Barbie

The sex crimes trial of former Pretoria advocate Cezanne Visser will enter its last phase today when the judge starts delivering his judgement.

Visser and her former lover, Dirk Prinsloo, allegedly sexually abused several women and girls.

She was left to face the music alone when he skipped bail and fled the country in 2006.

Judge Chris Eksteen will start summarising the evidence this morning but its likely that it might take the entire day.

If this happens, Visser will only find out on Wednesday whether or not her defence has succeeded. She argues she was completely under Prinsloo's control and had no mind of her own.

Visser, who was nicknamed Advocate Barbie because of her blonde hair and good looks, did not contest much of the evidence against her but claims she followed Prinsloo's orders out of fear and love.

Prinsloo was captured in Belarus earlier this year after he allegedly tried to rob a bank there.

Authorities are probing his alleged involvement in sex crimes similar to those he was on trial for in South Africa when he skipped bail in 2006.



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