School Construction in Full Swing

PINSK, Belarus - In Pinsk, situated in the Brest Region of Belarus, construction work is in full swing on the building that will host the "Beit Aharon" Jewish boarding school for boys.

The construction of the new school building has been in progress for the past three years. "The work commenced in 2007. Over the past year, we have connected all of the utilities," explained Yosef Lieberman, chairman of the Jewish community of Pinsk. "Now we are heavily involved in the construction of the basement and the ground floor of the building."

The boarding school is designed to accommodate 80 students. The building will include classrooms, a kosher dining room, gymnasium, bedrooms and much more. "If we continue to be able to secure the funds necessary for completing this project, the school will move to the new building as early as next year," explained Mr. Lieberman. The new school facility will nicely round out the Jewish institutions currently existing in Pinsk.

The Jewish community of Pinsk is a member of the Association of Jewish Communities of Belarus, and by affiliation, of the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS and Baltic States.



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