Belarus - Support for mothers remains the key priority of Belarus' social policy

The state support for families, motherhood, and childhood has been and remains the key priority of Belarus' social policy, said Vice Premier Vladimir Potupchik at a traditional reception held at the Seat of Government on 14 October to mark the Mother's Day.

The celebration gathered 25 women from all parts of the country. They are outstanding workers of the industry and agriculture, science and education, culture, healthcare, employment and banking industries, foster parents and teachers at family-type children's homes, representatives of national and local authorities, religious organizations.

"Being a woman is a proud mission, being a mother is hard labor," said Vladimir Potupchik. "It is impossible to overestimate the importance of motherhood. Many women also make successful careers. I am glad that the state of working women in Belarus rises year after year".

According to the Vice Premier, both material and spiritual moral values are important. On behalf of the government he assured those present that mothers will live better from the financial and spiritual points of view. The government will do its best to allow full realization of the human potential of both mothers and children.

Vladimir Potupchik remarked that over 6,000 women, who have given birth and raised five and more children, have been awarded an Order of Mother, including over 300 women this year alone. It is the 14th time the Mother's Day has been celebrated in Belarus since 1996. The government recognition of the importance of the holiday manifests appreciation of all mothers and their noble labor. It is meant to raise the prestige of families and the responsibility for raising children.

The Vice Premier admitted that many issues have yet to be addressed. The general public and the government should pay close attention to reducing the scale of social orphanhood and the number of troubled families.



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