Great Synagogue of Grodno hosts Israeli Ambassador

GRODNO, Belarus - In the Belarus city of Grodno, the Israeli Ambassador to Belarus, Mr. Edward Shapira, visited the Great Synagogue of Grodno (founded in 1578) where he met with the leadership of the Jewish community. He enjoyed a tour the synagogue with Chief Rabbi of Grodno Yitzchak Kofman and the community's Chairman, Boris Kveytkovsky. He learned the detailed history about the building and the Jewish community's history, as well as learning about its current activities.

Ambassador Shapira expressed a genuine interest in the plans for the building's restoration and the progress that is being made with respect to the renovations. The ambassador then entered the large sukkah that was set up in the courtyard of the synagogue and recited the blessing on the lulav and etrog.

During his visit to Grodno, Mr. Shapira met with a group of local Jews and presented a "Righteous Gentile" award from the Yad VaShem Museum in Israel to the daughter of Konstantin Matiukevich, who saved and hid Jews during the Holocaust.

The ambassador's visit also presented the opportunity to meet with government officials, including Grodno Mayor Savachenko.



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