Belarus - Dairy products for EU

"Belarus still is not presented in Europe. Our meat and dairy products are already in the UK, but they are supplied only as finished products, but not raw materials," Shapiro said.

Currently Belarus is continuing negotiations with the EU in an effort to get access to the European meat market.

Enterprises examined

The European experts had already examined three leading Belarusian meat enterprises - JV Santa Bremor Ltd., JSC Savushkin product, and OAO Bereza plants and had a very high opinion of the Belarusian meat processing technologies, the minister said.

According to him, the EU puts very strict requirements on the organization of the entire chain of meat production in Belarus, worrying about a new competitor with European producers.

"Belarusian products are cheaper due to lower wages and other factors and that is something that many EU meat producers do not really like."

The Minister also stressed that in the coming years Russia and Ukraine will remain major sale markets for the Belarusian meat.


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