Jewish Children Get 'Riding Therapy' in Belarus

BOBRUISK, Belarus - In the Belarus city of Bobruisk, the Family Support Center organized by the local Jewish community has introduced a new program to help local youngsters. Fittingly dubbed "Riding Therapy," this project is aimed at helping children with physical or mental developmental delays.

"Riding Therapy is a program that will enable improvement through children's engagement in horseback riding," explained Yulia Zhitelveeva, the coordinator of the Jewish Family Support Center. "Communicating with these noble and intelligent animals has shown to help children with physical and mental challenges. The program has been operating throughout 2009, and both the parents and even doctors ascertain its benefits to the children."

The new program was made possible through the efforts of Galina Dubinsky, the director of the Chesed organization run by the Jewish community of Bobruisk. To bring this project from concept to reality, she arranged with the equestrian club Cossack Yermak for the children to participate in their club.

The children and their parents are very happy to participate in the equestrian club and find it very beneficial. Everyone is hopeful that the program will be able to continue in the coming year.

The Jewish community of Bobruisk is a member of the Association of Jewish Communities of Belarus, and by affiliation, the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS.


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